How to unlist or remove your phone number from TrueCaller database

Truecaller is one of the largest mobile community in the world. It has more numbers listed in its database from all across the world than any other mobile phone community. The app provides you with the caller id and number blocking facility and the integration with various social media services lets you to keep records such as profile pictures, birthdays etc of your contacts. You can also use Truecaller web version to search for unknown numbers.

How Truecaller works:

When you or anyone install Truecaller on their phone it fetches all the contacts on your mobile and saves it in their database, and if some other Truecaller user gets a call from an unknown number Truecaller searches for that number in its database and displays the ‘true caller’ name and details to the user. True caller is available in web version as well and you need to sign up for their services to use its web version.

How to remove your number from Truecaller:

The process is really simple but before proceeding with that you need to make sure that if you have registered an avvount with Truecaller you’ll have to deactivate that account first before proceeding.

Visit this page to begin with the process of removing your number. page will look something like as shown in the screenshot below.


Remove or unlist your number from Truecaller


Now you need to enter your phone number along with the country code in the area provided in this unlist form. As you have already deactivated your account with that number you can simply hit the ‘unlist’ button, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice via a popup and once you confirm your number will no longer be searchable in the truecaller app. You’ll see the ‘Unlist’ button converted to a green tick mark that confirms the removal process is succesfully completed as shown in the screenshot below.


Confirmation of removal of number from Truecaller searches


Please feel free to comment below in case of any queries or suggestions.

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5 thoughts on “How to unlist or remove your phone number from TrueCaller database

  1. hellow,help me please,whenever i tried to unlist my number from true caller i got this message ” If you have registered an account with Truecaller, you need to deactivate it first in order to unlist. For more information please click here” and when i tried to click there there is no anything which can help me to unlist my number more than their FAQS.Help me how to make it please

    • You will have to deactivate your account from the trucaller app first. This is to make sure that only the original registered user is trying to unlist the phone number from truecaller database. After deactivating your account from the app follow the steps given in this post.

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