Easiest way to block all ads on web pages using Chrome or Firefox

Some websites on the internet really ruin your browsing experience with countless number of advertisements on their pages. These ads are comprised of banner ads, flash ads, floating ads, video ads any many more. To make it worst I have seen on some of the websites all these ads coexists at the same time making browsing the actual content on them really a nightmare. Well, if there is a problem there is definitely a solution to it as well. With the increasing number of plugins, extensions available on modern browsers these days we also have extensions that can be used to block these annoying ads on web pages. Here in this post I’ll show you how you block annoying ads on browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Extensions for Google Chrome:

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are the two best plugins that are available on Google chrome to block all types of ads on almost all the websites. These plug ins can even block the video ads on YouTube videos. It increases the website loading time as it does not have to waste bandwidth on loading unnecessary ads. They will be installed on your browser and even provide you with a feature to stop blocking ads on specific pages or websites. As bloggers like me are trying to make an income through ads, I would request you to add this domain to whitelist in these extensions as bloggers usually do not put any annoying ads on  their pages.


Chrome AdBlock Extension

If you want to add any website to whitelist just open that website in Google Chrome and click on the AdBlock icon from the top right corner of your browser and can select ‘don’t run on this page’ or ‘don’t run on pages in this domain’, once you’ll select this option no more ads will be blocked on that page or domain. You can also pause ad block temporarily by selecting option ‘pause Adblock’ from the same menu. Please refer the screenshot below.

Extensions for Mozilla Firefox:

AdBlock Plus is available in Mozilla Firefox and can be installed by searching add-ons from browser settings. AdBlock plus works in a similar way as it works in Google Chrome and is one of the most download extensions for blocking ads. Just like Chrome here also you can choose which page or website to exclude from blocking advertisements.


Firefox AdBlock Extension

Just like Google Chrome in Firefox also you can choose to either pause AdBlock plus temporarily or can add any website or page to the whitelist by selecting the options presented to you in AdBlock Plus extension. Click on the icon on the top right corner of your browser to see AdBlock Plus options as shown in the screenshots below.

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