How to use Facebook’s web based messenger as a desktop app

Just like WhatsApp web which lets you use WhatsApp on your desktop from a browser, Facebook has also launched a web base messenger using which you can use your Facebook’s messenger application from a browser and unlike WhatApp you need not to be logged in to messenger on your mobile or anywhere else.

Using Facebook’s web based messenger you can chat directly from your browser without logging into the actual Facebook website, your entire chat history will be available in the web version as it is. It would have been much better if Facebook would have released a desktop app just like Google’s older gtalk (now hangouts) which can be installed on multiple desktop devices as a chat messenger. Till the time Facebook releases that app some independent developers have already released the desktop version of Facebook’s web based messenger an it is totally safe and secure to use it. Here is how to use Facebook’s web based messenger as a desktop app.


Facebook web messenger desktop app

This app is available on all the platforms such as Windows, OSX, Linux. You can download this app from here and install it on your system. After installing, just login using your Facebook credentials and start using the desktop version of Facebook messenger. As I said earlier all your previous conversations will be there as it is and all the features that are available in normal Facebook messenger will be available in this app as well.

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