How to view saved passwords in Chrome and Firefox

All modern browsers have a feature of storing your username and password and most of us use this feature so that the next time we log in to a particular website, we need not to enter the password every time and hence no need to remember all the passwords. But problem arises when we really need to know a password that we have chosen for a particular website that we have signed up for and could not recall it as it was saved in your browser and cannot be seen. Here in this post I’ll tell you how you can view saved passwords on your Chrome or Firefox browsers.

For Google Chrome:

  • Go to settings from menu, scroll down till the bottom of the page and click ‘show advanced settings’ as shown in the screenshot below.

Chrome Advance Settings

  • Scroll down a little more till you find the ‘Password and forms’ section, in that section click ‘manage passwords’ option in front of the second check box as shown in the screenshot below.

Chrome Password Settings

  • Now you’ll see the list of websites for which you have saved passwords, select any website and click show, it will show you the password. It might ask you to enter your Windows password if you have one to see the password. Please refer the screenshot below.

Chrome Saved Password

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to menu and select ‘Options’.
  • Under the ‘Security’ tab, at the bottom of the pop up there is a ‘Saved Passwords’ button as shown in the screenshot below. Click on that and it will take you to the list of websites with saved passwords.

Firefox Password Settings

  • Select any website and click on the ‘Show password’ button at the bottom of the pop up to see the saved password.

So, this is how you can view your saved passwords on the most popular and widely used browsers. Please comment in the section below if you have any queries or suggestions, I would love to connect with you all.

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