How to add stickers to your Facebook photos

Facebook recently launched an interesting feature, the feature to add stickers to your Facebook photos. You can upload any sticker available in Facebook’s sticker library to any photo you are going to upload on Facebook. You can add that sticker to any position on the photo by simply dragging it around while adding it. The good news is that you can use this feature on both Facebook’s web and mobile application. So, in this post I’ll show you how to add a sticker on your Facebook photo. Follow the simple and easy steps.

Adding sticker using Facebook for mobile

Click the ‘Photo’ option from the top of your Facebook timeline, this will take you to your picture library, also known as Camera roll on your mobile device.

Select the picture you want to upload, this will open the picture in front of you in a new window for adding stickers or text or cropping it.

Select the emoticon icon from the bottom of the picture and it will display the available stickers. Select the sticker you want to add to the photo accessing available stickers by scrolling up and down. Please refer the screenshot below for better understanding.


Adding stickers on Facebook for mobile

Selected sticker will be shown on top of the picture and then you can drag it to the position where you want to put your sticker and tap ‘Done’. Selected sticker will be added to your picture and now you can post that picture on your Facebook timeline.


Photo with added stickers

Adding sticker using the Facebook web app

You can follow pretty much similar steps while using Facebook on desktop to upload a sticker to your photo. In brief the steps are like, click the ‘add photos/videos’ from top of your news feed. Click ‘Upload photos videos’ and select the photo you want to upload. Hover over the photo you want to add a sticker to and click the ‘brush’ like icon to add a sticker. Click the emotion icon to select the sticker and drag it around the photo to position it and resize it. Once done just click ‘Done’ and now you can post the photo to your Facebook timeline. These steps can be seen here on Facebook’s official help page on this topic. Below is a screenshot for your better understanding.

Adding stickers on Facebook photos in web app


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