Here is how to get AdBlock Plus for Android

AdBlock plus is one of  the most popular advertisement blocking tool over the internet, you can read more about it here. AdBlock used to be present for installing directly from Google play store, but they removed it when the Android version 4.2.2 came out due to certain security reasons as Adblock used to change the proxy settings for user device automatically. AdBlock Plus recently came out with a new version of the app which can be downloaded directly from their website. Here in this tutorial I’ll tell you how to get AdBlock Plus for your Android device.


AdBlock Plus for Android

You can download the latest version of AdBlock plus for android from their official website. You need not have a rooted device for using this version until or unless you are using the Android version 3.1 but it is advisable to use a rooted device as it is the best way to block all types of ads. You should make sure that you have allowed download from unknown sources from your device settings as this app is not coming directly from the app store.

If you think it is taking too much of your device storage as it is installed on internal storage of your device, you can move AdBlock plus to your SD card, but for that you’ll need to disable launching AdBlock plus at startup. You can read more FAQ’s regarding the new AdBlock plus from their official website here.


AdBlock plus configuration of proxy

Using AdBlock plus on Android you can block all the banner ads, YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, popup ads and all other types of annoying ads that appear on your installed apps and also the ads that appear while using the android browser. As a lot of websites and apps rely on advertising revenues you can choose which types of ads to enable using the ‘Allow acceptable ads’ feature on the Adblock plus. Along with blocking ads you can disable tracking while you browse. You can disable the social media sharing buttons that appear on almost all the websites these days and can also disable the malware domains which will prevent your device from malicious websites. You can read more about the features of Adblock plus for Android from here.


AdBlock Plus features

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  1. I was wondering why google wants to harm our computers by telling us to disable adblock 90% of adds are malware or something u dont want on your computer. and i made a vow to never buy anything from an add that harrases me even if i want it since i am seen as not deserving of respect in that companies eyes i am just a sheep i am nothing to them and they seem so cold. i cant seem to find an answer and u cant talk to google so i was wondering if someone could help answer this question for me

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