One of the best productivity extensions for Google Chrome new tab ‘Beautab’

Recently I came across a new productivity extension while browsing through Chrome webstore and I would say it is one of the best productivity extensions for Google Chrome new tab. It’s called ‘Beautab‘ and has many features such as setting your daily and future goals, setting a countdown timer, setting wallpapers of your choice as new tabs, analyzing time wasted while browsing social media websites much more. The best part about this extension that I liked is that you can anytime go back to the default Chrome tab without uninstalling this extension. Here in this article I’ll let you know about some of the features of this extension which is called ‘Beautab‘ developed by Christopher Drifter.

Here are some of the features of ‘Beautab’ extension.

Set your daily and future goals  and create a to do list:

At the bottom right of the new ‘Beautab’ tab there is an option to enter your today, tomorrow, week, month or lifetime goals. This will automatically get updated as time passes. Just below goals section there is a to do list section where you can add things to do and can strike them out once completed.


Beautab Goals

Daily Wallpapers and Quotes :

Every new ‘Beautab’ tab has an awesome wallpaper as background with an inspirational quote written at the left bottom of the tab. You can change the wallpaper from the refresh icon from the menu options located on the top right corner of the new tab. The pictures shown as wallpapers are truly awesome and so is the quote. You can add custom wallpapers by enabling sync with your local data storage and can chose wallpapers of your choice.


Beautab quote

Track time wasted on social media websites :

Beautab¬†provides you with a feature by which you can track the time wasted on social media websites. You can enable or disable this feature by visiting ‘Turn feature On/Off’ option under settings as shown in the screenshot below. Using this turn off and on feature you can enable or disable many other features of this extension.


Beautab Settings

Last but not the least, if you are missing your old new tab page, no need to uninstall ‘Beautab’, you can go to the default new tab on Google Chrome by just a click on arrow provided at the top left corner of ‘Beautab’ tab. You can also have quick access to other Google Chrome features such as downloads page, bookmarks, apps and history page. This is one of the best feature provide by ‘Beautab’ which I have not seen in any other new tab extensions for Chrome.

I hope you enjoyed the article, you can install the ‘Beautab’ extension from here. Please feel free to comment in the section below in case you have any queries or suggestions.

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