Top 10 Google Maps tips and tricks for Android

Google Maps is one of the most widely used navigation apps used by most of us on a daily basis. It is widely used by both Android and IOS users and as Google keeps on updating and upgrading its every popular product Google maps is no different. While many of us know how to make use of Google maps for our very basic needs of navigation there are several other features which are part of Google maps which will definitely make your life easy. Here are top 10 Google Maps tips and tricks for Android devices for you.

Save Google maps for offline use

You can actually save a portion of Google Maps which you can use while you are not connected to the internet on your mobile device. I have already covered this feature in a detailed post on How to save Google maps for offline use. To summarize it this feature comes handy when you are in an area which does not have a network connection. To save a map just open that area on your Google Maps app and either say ‘OK Maps’ of click on the text box at the top of the app and type ‘OK Maps’. The map area will be saved for you under offline section on your device.

Starring favorite locations

You can save any location you have visited as your favorite location by starring it. A starred location will be saved on your device and you can easily access it from your places in your app under saved places category and these places will even appear up while searching for a related location on priority basis.


Starred locations on Google map

Save Work and Home locations

Just like starring a particular location, you can also set your Home and Work locations and it will appear under my places on the app. For setting or editing your Home or Work location you need to get to the ‘settings’ from menu and then select ‘Edit home or Work’. Now you can easily navigate to your ‘Work’ or ‘Home’ by simply using these two keywords while searching for a location, no need to type the exact address every time. You can see in the screenshot above how Home and Work locations are saved under my places.

Use voice controls

You can make use of voice controls which are also part of Google Maps app to exactly like you use the Google now app’s voice control. You just have to tell Google maps what to do after tapping the microphone icon just beside the search bar. For instance, you can say ‘ Navigate to Home’ or ‘Locate the nearest pub’ or ‘ How long will it take to reach destination’ etc. This feature can come really handy when you are driving and cannot use your device by your hands.


Google maps voice controls

One hand double tap zoom

If you are in a situation where you cannot use your both hands to zoom in to a certain location, there is no need to worry because with Google maps you still have that feature where in you can zoom into a map by simply double tap on any location on the map and dragging it around to get to the exact location, all by using the single hand.

Sharing directions to a location

You can easily share a particular map or directions using email with your friends. Once you are on the map you want to share or you are viewing directions to certain locations just tap the three dots icon on the top right corner of the map and it will show you an option to share that map or directions along with an option to select the type of view you want to share.

See public transit options

GO to menu on your app and select ‘Public Transit’, this will show you the details of local public transit system which can be really useful if you are new to some area and having a hard time traveling to local places. This feature along with the type of transit system, the time to arrive will also show you the amount it will cost you to use that means. This feature is only available in big cities right now for obvious reasons.


Google maps public transit

Use the compass icon

When you navigate using Google maps the map always points in a specific direction, usually North. By making use of the Compass icon on the right bottom of he maps you can actually get to know that if which direction you and your device are actually going. A single tap on the compass icon will take you to your current location and tapping it again will point the compass towards the actual direction where your device is heading to. This feature is useful when you are confused if you are heading towards your destination or moving in the opposite direction.

Change views

Google recently added this feature to Maps which is sort of combining the Google Earth view with the Google Maps view. You can view your map is a 3D format by using your two fingers and swiping it on the map in upward or downward directions. This helps you to get a better understanding of the building you encounter on your way or to get a better look at the turns you are going to take. However, this feature is not enabled for each and every location and might not be very useful in the areas having very less or no high rise structures.


Google maps Compass

Use pins on map

Last but not the least, you can create or drop pins on your Google maps by simply long pressing the location you want to pin or tag. When you are navigating towards a certain destination a do not know where simply drop a pin and as soon as you’ll do that it will give you the details to that location that you can either choose to save or share.


Google Maps Pin

Hope you enjoyed knowing these tips and tricks about Google Maps, Google Maps app also has a dedicated section for tips and tricks. Go to the menu and scroll down till the bottom and there you can see that section on tips and tricks.

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