How to undo a sent email in Gmail

How many times have you felt like undoing a sent email while using Gmail but you can’t do anything about it other than regret sending that email, not anymore because Google has finally added this one of the most sought after feature to its popular email service Gmail. Yes, you heard that right, now you can undo your sent emails on Gmail if you feel like doing so because you might have made some typo in the email or you might have sent that email to some wrong recipient or want to avoid any miscommunication or any other reason for that matter. With this new feature you can undo a sent email withing 30 seconds max after you have hit the send button.



This feature was part of Gmail since 2009 but was only for use of the Google’s experimental labs and not for general users, but now they have released the feature for everyone. To activate the feature you’ll have to go to your account settings by clicking the gear icon just under your photograph on the top right corner of Gmail application.

Once in settings, scroll down under the default tab till you find ‘Undo Send’, the check box should be checked by default and if it’s not you can check it. The default duration set for undoing a mail is 10 seconds , you can change it to 20 or 30 seconds as per your need. It’s better to keep it at 30 seconds as it will buy you some more time to undo a mail.


Undo sent email settings Gmail

If you are using Gmail’s email management application ‘Inbox’, this ‘Undo send’ feature was already part of the application and now it’s been rolled out to the main web application as well.

Gmail is currently the most popular email service in the world with close to 0ne billion active account holders. Here is another post about Gmail shortcuts. I hope you liked this quick tech update, please feel free to comment in the section below if you have any queries or suggestions. I’ll be happy to connect with you all.

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