How to add stickers to your Facebook photos


Facebook recently launched an interesting feature, the feature to add stickers to your Facebook photos. You can upload any sticker available in Facebook’s sticker library to any photo you are going to upload on Facebook. Continue reading

How to use Facebook’s web based messenger as a desktop app


Just like WhatsApp web which lets you use WhatsApp on your desktop from a browser, Facebook has also launched a web base messenger using which you can use your Facebook’s messenger application from a browser and unlike WhatApp you need not to be logged in to messenger on your mobile or anywhere else. Continue reading

Easiest way to share files, links from mobile to PC or vice versa using Facebook

These days, due to availability of various type of computing devices like computer, laptop, mobiles, tablet etc we are also very much into using these different devices for different reasons. At times, while using these devices we want to have a particular file or image or a link to be available on different devices at the same time. You can do that pretty easily using Facebook.

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Disable candy crush and other Facebook games or page like invitation notifications forever

We all get Facebook notifications from our friends that we are least interested in, the ever irritating and famous candy crush, criminal case, farmville notifications which are always there no matter whenever we log in to our Facebook profile. Apart from that there are notifications for liking certain pages for example, so and so person has invited to like you so and so page.

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Get rid of annoying posts from friends appearing on your Facebook news feed without unfriending them

We all have a few of those Facebook friends who have a habit of posting annoying things all the time or who is tagged with a lot of posts and due to these reasons he or she keeps appearing on our Facebook news feed and making it look cluttered. We don not want to see those posts appearing on our news feed, but at the same time we can’t remove that friend from our friends list.

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