How to undo a sent email in Gmail


How many times have you felt like undoing a sent email while using Gmail but you can’t do anything about it other than regret sending that email, not anymore because Google has finally added this one of the most sought after feature to Continue reading

Top 10 Google Maps tips and tricks for Android


Google Maps is one of the most widely used navigation apps used by most of us on a daily basis. It is widely used by both Android and IOS users and as Google keeps on updating and upgrading its every popular product Google Continue reading

One of the best productivity extensions for Google Chrome new tab ‘Beautab’


Recently I came across a new productivity extension while browsing through Chrome webstore and I would say it is one of the best productivity extensions for Google Chrome new tab. Continue reading

Easiest way to block all ads on web pages using Chrome or Firefox


Some websites on the internet really ruin your browsing experience with countless number of advertisements on their pages. These ads are comprised of banner ads, flash ads, floating ads, video ads any many more. To make it worst I have seen on some of the websites all these ads coexists at the same time making browsing the actual content on them really a nightmare. Continue reading

How to view saved passwords in Chrome and Firefox


All modern browsers have a feature of storing your username and password and most of us use this feature so that the next time we log in to a particular website, we need not to enter the password every time and hence no need to remember all the passwords. Continue reading

5 must have Google Chrome extensions for increasing productivity


Google Chrome provides you with a lot of extensions which are installed on your Chrome browser and come very handy to perform various tasks right from your browser. The Chrome Web Store has extensions available under different categories right from productivity, shopping, sports to games and almost everything. Continue reading

Top 5 websites to learn programming and other courses online


If you are a newbie to programming and are not much interested in learning it through books and rather want to learn it more interactively, online courses are the best deal for you. There are lots of websites out there on the web which help you learn almost every programming course online for free. Continue reading

How to unlist or remove your phone number from TrueCaller database

Truecaller is one of the largest mobile community in the world. It has more numbers listed in its database from all across the world than any other mobile phone community. The app provides you with the caller id and number blocking facility and the integration with various social media services lets you to keep records such as profile pictures, birthdays etc of your contacts. You can also use Truecaller web version to search for unknown numbers.

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How to save any web page as a PDF file

How do you usually save web pages? Do you also use the very famous (Ctrl + S) shortcut to save any web page for future use. That definitely saves the web page but not in a very desirable format, it saves a lot of other unnecessary files along with the original web page. The better way is to save the web page in PDF format and doing that is as easy as using the shortcut (Ctrl + S). Follow the steps below to save any page in PDF format.

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Boost your PC’s speed using a pen drive

At times our system gets really slow as it has become old and you really do not want to spend money on upgrading it. Well, you can still boost its speed or enhance its performance by using a simple USB (commonly known as a pendrive). All you need is a USB drive of any capacity to boost up your system’s speed by a good margin. Follow the steps below to boost your system.

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