Here is the best way to take screenshots on your Windows machine

We all need to take screenshots on our windows machine and most of us end up using the ‘Prt Sc’ key on our windows machine, but that the options just copies the screenshot to clipboard and you still need to open another application such as ‘mspaint’ to paste that screenshot and then save that file for further use.

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Boost your PC’s speed using a pen drive

At times our system gets really slow as it has become old and you really do not want to spend money on upgrading it. Well, you can still boost its speed or enhance its performance by using a simple USB (commonly known as a pendrive). All you need is a USB drive of any capacity to boost up your system’s speed by a good margin. Follow the steps below to boost your system.

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Get all special characters in one place in Windows 7 using ‘charmap’

Sometimes while writing on our personal computer we need to use certain special characters such as, ‘copyright’ symbol or ‘registered’ symbol shown as (© ®) and we do not know where to find them. Well, it’s all available on your Windows PC and you can use these symbols in different font and styles. Here is how to use all the special characters in one place on a Windows PC.

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How to hide or unhide any drive from your Windows PC

At times we  come across a situation when we have to share our personal computer with someone else and we don’t want that person to look into certain drives on your computer. You could have some confidential things saved on those drives like files, documents, passwords, personal pictures,

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How to create your own shortcut for any application in Windows PC

Some of us are really fond of using out computer’s keyboard rather than using mouse for almost every other thing, and due to this very fondness towards the keyboard we do wish sometimes to have  our own keyboard shortcut for or favorite application which we use very frequently. The good news is that there is a very easy way to create a custom keyboard shortcut Continue reading

How to shut down your Windows PC automatically after a specified time interval

There are situations when you have to go to your office in the morning, but you want to keep your PC on due to some ongoing download or installation as it will take 2-3 hours to complete. In situations like these you usually end up shutting down your PC and continue with the download or installation or copying large data once you are back home after office, but not anymore because there is a handy tip for you using which you can shut down your computer automatically after a specific interval of time.

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Open Windows PC command prompt from any folder without typing the path manually

Here is a very small tip about Microsoft Windows command prompt. Sometimes we need to work on command prompt and go to a specific folder location. Normally we open command prompt and type the location of that folder manually, sometimes its a very tedious process. Continue reading

Do you know the difference between the C and CE button on the Microsoft Windows Calculator?

Whosoever has ever worked on Microsoft Windows must have used the calculator tool at least once. But has anyone of you ever wondered that what is the difference between the C and CE button on the calculator, never really gave a thought to it right? Most of us think that they do the same thing, i.e. deleting whatever we have input into the calculator, but that’s not correct.