Here is how to get AdBlock Plus for Android


AdBlock plus is one of  the most popular advertisement blocking tool over the internet, you can read more about it here. AdBlock used to be present for installing directly from Google play store, but they removed it when the Continue reading

How to merge duplicate contacts in Android


We usually end up storing duplicate contacts on our Android device while switching to a new device or while importing exporting contacts after doing a factory reset of your device. Whatever be the case duplicate contacts seems Continue reading

How to use Google search to find your Android phone


We all must have misplaced our smartphones and that keeps on happening once in a while and then we have to waste some time to find it as the phone is usually on silent mode an ringing it from some other phone is usually not an option. Continue reading

Easiest way to block messages directly from your message inbox in Android

We all come across various promotional messages from banks, credit card companies, shopping websites etc which directly lands into our inbox and is irritating at times as every new message means a new notification on your mobile. Apart from these promotional messages we do get messages from valid mobile numbers which are equally irritating and we really do not want to receive them anymore.

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How to monitor your mobile data usage on an Android phone

A lot of us use the monthly data packs on our android phones to stay connected to Internet be it via 2G, 3G or LTE networks. At times we end up using data which is beyond our monthly data plan and hence end up paying a lot of additional amount towards that data usage.

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